Travel Blogs To Follow

Here are a few travel blogs I currently follow:

http://www.freefrequentflyermiles – I don’t necessary follow this one as much anymore. But this was the first travel blog that got me started in reading online content about points & miles, so I feel like the page deserves mentioning for historical value. – I still follow this one everyday, but has become less my favorite now that the site was sold to a corporation who’s turned the website into a link-selling frenzy. – One I follow everyday. I think we share the same industry, which is probably why I enjoy reading his in-depth coverage…from a financial perspective. – One I look at everyday. He will sometimes post a sweet deal to save money on a variety of things (other than travel)…which is what I’m all about! – She is new to the scene, and I like her energy and passion for the ‘sport’. She lays out easy ways to accrue miles & points. – You cannot have a travel blog without mentioning the granddaddy of travel websites who started this online movement. I’ve gotten away from reading this one on a consistent basis because I’m not a fan of negativity and there seems to be a lot of posters on this site who are. Just my opinion of course. But still the best site with the most coverage of the entire travel industry.

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