I’m a CPA who values a budget and strong credit score. If you cannot manage your money, pay your bills & taxes on time, and if you consistently find yourself buried in debt, do yourself a favor and attend a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Seminar and concentrate on your money & credit score. If you manage your money well and have no debt other than a mortgage, auto and/or business, then follow ThePointMaster.com and we’ll travel the World together on points & miles …in style !

How I got started…My first mileage card was a Continental Visa back in 1997. I think I earned maybe 5K or 10K from that offer…too long ago to remember. I’ve been a Starwood SPG AmEx cardholder since 2001, which is the best overall credit card to use. Back in the mid-2000’s Chase Bank offered personal & business checking accounts which earned miles for signing up and using their debit card. I started when they offered 10K, and left when they discontinued the program offering 25K per sign up. I would open, close & open accounts every 6 months…not knowing I was a “churner” before the travel blogosphere created the term. I earned over 200K Continental OnePass points alone from those bank accounts.

Now I find myself applying for offers that are worthy of a credit pull and keep my balances growing. Over the last decade I’ve accumulated enough to travel when I want, wherever I want and at anytime I choose. You too can do this with a little work (nothing is easy & free) and some patience. Most importantly…DON’T BE GREEDY…or you will ruin this fun for the rest of us.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is the personal opinion of me, and does not constitute accounting, bookkeeping, financial or income tax advice. Seek a CPA for such valued advice on your own.

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