Credit Cards

Maybe your curious and want to get started. Here is how I’d advise benefiting utilizing current offers.

I recommended switching from putting the majority of your spend on AmEx Membership Rewards and move to the more flexible Chase Ultimate Rewards program. Here is a blog that breaks down the best uses of the Ultimate Rewards program:

Here is a link to the official Chase Ultimate Rewards site to learn more:

Here is the business card you want:

Here is the personal card you want:

VERY IMPORTANT – in order to maximize your points, never (NEVER!) apply for joint credit. Want you want to do is each of you apply for each of the two cards individually because you can only get the bonus points once lifetime. If you apply for joint credit then you only get one bonus. If you apply individually then both of you get the bonus, and then we can combine accounts.

So Rod applies for an Ink & Sapphire, and Donna applies for her Ink & Sapphire. Then to segregate business expenses by office, what we can do is order an employee card for each Ink account (i.e. On Rod’s account you order an employee card for Donna – On Donna’s account you order an employee card for Rod). That way both of you have a credit card for each office.

ALSO – When you apply for the Ink cards, since these are business cards, Rod apply under HWC and Donna apply under RND Mgmt (or vice-versa). Both of you cannot apply under the same company name – Chase will deny one of the applications. So one of you use HWC and the other use RND.

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