jetBlue Mint

  Mint is jetBlue’s premium travel experience. You will enjoy lie-flat seats, artisanal dining, tons of free entertainment, award-winning service and more—on select coast-to-coast & Caribbean flights. We love their commitment to quality customer service and this seat is no exception! Advantages with this ticket include: Suits and comfortable lie-flat seating Unlimited (and delicious) meals, snacks,Continue reading “jetBlue Mint”

Dining on Singapore Airlines

Cabin pressure changes the way you perceive taste. Rich flavors become mild. Aromas are subtle. Nuances are missed. That’s why we test all our chefs’ creations under pressure, literally. We bring their dishes into a simulated pressurized cabin, and spend hours there, sampling and adjusting the flavors, so our food can taste its best forContinue reading “Dining on Singapore Airlines”