How to book BA Award seats

I’ve been searching for several weeks for a trip to Europe, looking to book using the BA Companion Certificate. For the last few weeks I have searched direct to a destination and not choosing to stopover in London. BUT, apparently through a few texts & phone calls with a friend looking to book the same, the trick to searching BA is to enter that you are choosing to stopover in London while on this 2nd page of your search screen:

Doesn’t really matter if you are stopping over or not. This will allow you more flight selection to your destination.

If you were to choose “No Stopover” above, your flight availability appears less available to your same destination…weird. But the ‘trick’ works.

Happy searching for a BA Award Seat!

2 thoughts on “How to book BA Award seats

    1. With the BA credit card, if you spend $30K in a calendar year you get a Companion Pass valid for 2 years. Many bloggers find the Pass not valuable given BA’s high fuel surcharges, but I enjoy every minute of BA Business Class on long-haul flights to/from London (8hrs+). It’s totally worth the $1500 in fuel surcharges for what has priced out to be $20K in retail biz seats for two people. Sure, the $750 p/p can be the price of a retail coach ticket but feeling rested, enjoying the Arrivals Lounge in LHR, and fast-tracking through customs is a major plus…for me anyway.

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