M-Eating Mykonos

Kalogera 10, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece

I did not make a reservation, and was travelling solo so figured I’d just show up and sit at the bar. But luckily arrived just in time for a small table immediately available next to the hostess stand and a little window looking out onto a table below on the patio and the street. Also had a great view to the kitchen to see all of the action, which appeared to operate very efficiently while the head chef oversaw operations.

I started with the Scallops entry, which was fantastic! A picture is attached to show the awesomely displayed platter. I would order this again. IMG_4331Then I ordered the lamb chops, which were too displayed very nicely. The meat was fresh and cooked perfectly.IMG_4332

Overall, I would definitely return here again on my next visit to Mykonos. If you love scallops – make sure to order the appetizer here. You’ll be impressed.

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