United BusinessFirst (UA160) – Munich to Houston (MUC-IAH) – Sept2016

With a flight time clocked at 11hr07min, I knew a coach seat on a Tuesday, even with extra leg room, wasn’t going to cut if for me if I wanted to be rested and ready for work the rest of the week. So I opted to upgrade my coach ticket on this segment using cash+miles…And was totally worth doing so, as total sitting time was right at 13 hours from boarding to deplaning.

The flight was very enjoyable. Service was very attentive, freindly and engaging. Probably one of the better long-haul experiences I have on United in years. The bathrooms for our cabin were cleaned throughout the flight, and entertainment onboard was plentiful. Below are a few pictures of the meals and full menu received on this flight in September 2016.

Starter Meal…United’s garlic bread is actually really good. So good, in-fact, they ran out prior to serving main meal serviceStarter Plate

Main meal – forgot to take a picture, but was a very good Seafood Cioppino

Dessert…Kinda hard to pass up a sundae at 40,000 feet 🙂


Pre-Arrival Snack…Cold chicken breast with a spicy slaw and sweet chili sauce. All was very good!

Arrival Snack


Here is the full menu from the flight: United BusinessFirst Menu – MUC to IAH – Sept16


And for you travel lovers…Our flight took us farther North than usual due to some strong storms off the coast of England. Here are a few pics from 40,000 feet over Greenland, which the Captain interrupted everyone’s nap to announce this was the clearest weather he had ever seen flying over Greenland…Pretty cool:



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