Traveling Alone Isn’t as Scary as You Think

It’s no secret that people love to travel, millennials especially. A recent study by Forbes has shown that 83% of individual’s ages 18-35 are traveling one to five times a year with 80% of this sample saying they’d be willing to give up Netflix for travel and 41% would be willing to give up their phones. Millennials’ wanderlust along with travel being publicized on social media platforms by influencers and bloggers have created a culture where travel is idealized now more than ever. Instagram is no longer food pictures as much as it is all about the latest vacation users have been on.

Unfortunately, the majority of individuals do not have flexibility when it comes to taking a vacation. This creates a problem when planning trips with friends, as it’s not always easy to coordinate busy schedules. Furthermore, it’s 2018 where independence is celebrated and it’s admired and encouraged to travel on your own. While this thought can be scary to most, it doesn’t have to be. Traveling by yourself can be freeing in more ways than one as you’re free to do whatever you want without the wills and wants of other people holding you back. Most importantly, it can be extremely beneficial financially. Here are some ways traveling solo just isn’t that bad:

  • You’re more open to meeting new people of different cultures
  • Staying in hostels will save you money and help you make new friends
  • Your entire budget will be spent on you and you alone
  • As a solo flyer, you’re open to flexible travel which might just win you an upgrade or a free flight in exchange for taking a delayed one
  • You learn to be on your own and comfortable with yourself
  • Save money using ridesharing apps
  • Eating by yourself allows you to have the freedom to budget accordingly without other people’s opinions on restaurants each day
  • You’re free to do things you wouldn’t normally have done with other people
  • You only have to consider your schedule so you can travel during the off-season to save money

Still scared? Take a leap of faith! With all these benefits, there’s really no reason not to hope on the next flight to Bermuda all on your own!

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