Destination: Desserts

Attention sweet lovers everywhere! Never fear because we’ve officially compiled a list of the best dessert places all across the nation. From LA to NY, you’ll never be without a sweet treat. These bakeries, food trucks, and creameries will leave your mouth watering and your sweets craving satisfied.

Austin, TX – Gourdough’s Donuts: This donut shop comes in various forms like an airstream food truck or a public house close by. Either way, they have both sweet and savory unique donuts but they’re mainly known for their decadent desserts.

New York City, NY – Black Tap Milkshakes: This may be a burger joint but don’t be fooled they have the best milkshakes in the city. Each milkshake is adorned with candy and other sweet garnishes making them truly one of a kind.

Phoenix, AZ – Zinc Bistro Chocolate Soufflé: The soufflé is quite a feat to master but Zinc Bistro has done it. This beautiful dessert takes 30 minutes to prepare but is well worth the wait as it literally melts in your mouth. You’ll be drooling hours later reminiscing about this one.

Los Angeles, CA – Salt & Straw Ice Cream: This creamery is a favorite amongst locals and known for its unique flavors. The lavender is a personal favorite but you truly can’t go wrong with any decision at this five-star dessert location. Make sure to get there at a reasonable hour because if you go after 7 pm be prepared to wait in a line that wraps around the block.

Chicago, IL – Sweet Mandy B’s Old Fashioned Desserts: Salt bae? Never heard of him. Try sprinkles bae. These old fashioned cupcakes are revered around Chicago and will be sure to bring you back to those sweet memories of your childhood.

Houston, TX – Tiny Boxwoods Milk & Cookies: There’s nothing quite like a classic chocolate chip cookie with a cup of cold milk for dessert. Tiny Boxwoods in Houston has got the chocolate chip cookie recipe down. Not to mention, their little shop is definitely Instagram worthy.

San Francisco, CA – Ghirardelli Chocolate: As the home of the famous chocolate brand, Ghirardelli, this last dessert shop was a no brainer. Ghirardelli Square has anything your chocolate-loving heart could ever desire and more!

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