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Hello World!

I’ve been reading various travel blogs for a few years now, and feel time it’s ready to post about the lifetime experiences I’ve had with acquiring miles & points over more than a decade.

I’m not your ‘order 10,000 coins guy’ (US Mint reference), or a major credit card “churner” like some other blogs who will apply consistently every 3 months for new offers. I take the strong offers as they come and keep building my MPR (mileage/point reserve) for when I’m ready to take trips in the future.

I do believe your credit score is your most important asset (hat tip FTG), and keep my score above 740 to always be ready to strike when the time comes.

If you like reading about point opportunities and hearing travel reviews of how miles and points are used to maximize their value, this blog is for you. I will report on deals that I believe are worth of a credit pull, and give you insights into my trips that you can use as a reference for your own TOAL (Trip of a Lifetime). I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do, and always appreciate your viewpoints…Let’s travel…!

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