Lufthansa (LH 431) 747-800 Business Class ORD-FRA (Covid era-Aug 2021 flight)

This was a standard Lufthansa business class flight from Chicago to Frankfurt with just a few changes with Covid. There was no pre-departure beverage, and the entire meal was served on one tray, along with wearing a mask during these long flights. I was very excited to be flying the 747-8 Upper Deck again, asContinue reading “Lufthansa (LH 431) 747-800 Business Class ORD-FRA (Covid era-Aug 2021 flight)” has arrived

Hello World! I’ve been reading various travel blogs for a few years now, and feel time it’s ready to post about the lifetime experiences I’ve had with acquiring miles & points over more than a decade. I’m not your ‘order 10,000 coins guy’ (US Mint reference), or a major credit card “churner” like some otherContinue reading “ has arrived”