Holiday Travel Tips

It’s the best time of the year but also the busiest! The days surrounding Christmas and New Year’s see an influx of people traveling as everyone is headed to see loved ones. As always, we’ve got you covered with some travel tips to help relieve some of that stress as well as some safety tips to keep you safe this holiday season.

  1. Charge all devices before leaving the house – Lines, of course, will be longer this time of year and trust me you’ll be happy you charged your electronic device to keep you entertained while waiting. (this means Bluetooth headphones too!)
  2. Ship your gifts or don’t wrap them before! – TSA has said that wrapped gifts could be subject to investigation or inspection. Best to play it safe and wait until you reach your destination to wrap gifts or to just ship them beforehand.
  3. Do your research – don’t wait until the day of your trip to figure out what the fastest route from point A to point B. Apps like Waze allow you to plan drives ahead of time and see when the best time to leave would be to avoid traffic.
  4. If you’re going on a road trip, have your car inspected/serviced before – there’s nothing worse than getting a flat on a road trip especially if you’re going to be traveling on icy roads. Keeping an emergency kit in the car never hurt anyone either!
  5. Keep hand sanitizer in your go bag – The cheeriest season is also the sickest. With so many people traveling during the holidays, tons of germs are circling public spaces so make sure you protect your health with simple precautions like these.
  6. Set alarms – this may be self-explanatory but make sure to triple check that you’ve set your house alarms before leaving for your trip. If you don’t have alarms, it’s definitely worth it to invest in a house sitter to make sure everything at home is okay while you’re gone.
  7. Look for travel deals – By following airlines and travel social media and newsletters, you might just be able to find some steals when it comes to traveling. Remember: the less money spent on travel, the more you can spend on gifts!
  8. Keep someone updated – Make sure to give a family or friend your travel itinerary! Holiday travel can be very unexpected and worst comes to worst, you want someone to know what you’re up to if it hits the fan.
  9. Be kind – Even though you may feel rushed or stressed because of traveling or the cold, it goes a long way to be nice. Everyone is going through the same thing and it’s important to remember that this is the season to give and receive kindness!

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