CLASSIFIED – United’s invite-only restaurant at EWR review

I received an email a few days before informing me that I had been invited and to request a reservation. The restaurant was empty, so not sure a reservation is really needed other than for the hostess standing in the front with an iPad to identify that I should be allowed into the secret back door.


There was just my table and one more when I arrived and for most of the meal. You order on the iPads that dominate every restaurant at EWR, and once confirmed and purchased your drink and food orders get processed. I was given a 20% discount for being a Chase United Cardmember…unfortunately didn’t get the free meal some reviews mentioned. Oh well. 🙂unnamed-1

The views are great for watching planes…unnamed-2

I was not that hungry so just ordered a couple appetizers. My goal was to test the quality of the restaurant, because there really is not a reason to visit here when you have United Polaris Lounge access at the same time, with their in-lounge restaurant menu. So I wanted to try the crab cake and shrimp cocktail.

               Crab Cake – at least half a pound of crab meat. Very good!

               Shrimp Cocktail – 5 HUGE shrimp. I have never have shrimp this big even at a fancy steakhouse. Excellent!


Overall…the food was excellent. Would I return…probably if I also didn’t have United Polaris Lounge access at the same time, since I can get free drinks and plated food (and buffet) there for free. Was definitely worth a try, and I would recommend to anyone who gets the exclusive invite to try too.

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