CLASSIFIED – United’s invite-only restaurant at EWR review

I received an email a few days before informing me that I had been invited and to request a reservation. The restaurant was empty, so not sure a reservation is really needed other than for the hostess standing in the front with an iPad to identify that I should be allowed into the secret backContinue reading “CLASSIFIED – United’s invite-only restaurant at EWR review”

Lufthansa (LH469) – Austin (AUS) to Frankfurt (FRA) Travel Experience

Lufthansa now has a direct flight from Austin to Frankfurt and we’re sharing our travel experience! Of course, instead of paying a ridiculous $8,695.36 I used 70,000 United MileagePlus miles for this roundtrip itinerary. I was super excited about this new non-stop from Austin to Frankfurt. The only ‘real’ carrier going non-stop to Europe currentlyContinue reading “Lufthansa (LH469) – Austin (AUS) to Frankfurt (FRA) Travel Experience”