La Famiglia (Breakfast) in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

After enjoying an amazing dinner the night before, the waitress let us know they were open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

So decided to try their “amazing coffee” the waitress admitted was necessary before leaving Playa Del Carmen. She was correct – the coffee was amazing, along with the rest of breakfast.

La Famiglia Breakfast Menu

Started with the Espresso with Chocolate. As an self-proclaimed Espresso Aficionado, I can say this is one of the better espresso’s I’ve had around the world. Definitely worth trying if you love espresso too.

Next was an Americano and Cornetto with Nutella. The coffee did not disappoint, and was definitely a great coffee to start the morning.

Also not disappointing at all was the amazing breakfast pastry that was a perfect combination of donut, airy Italian sweet dough and enough Nutella filling inside for two donuts. Yum!!

And while the Cornetto with Nutella was plenty. Given the excellent pizza had the night before, I had to verify if their Pizza Trancio was a true ‘street classic’ or not.

Of course, this place proves they are a legit Italian restaurant and this street pizza was just like I remember travelling throughout Italy. 

Perfect crust, with airy dough inside and light sauce with cheese. A simple piece of pizza should not be this good!

Overall, if you haven’t thought about trying this perfect Italian eatery for breakfast, think twice before leaving Playa Del Carmen and not stopping by La Famiglia for a coffee and pastry. You will not regret spending another meal here. 

I cannot wait to return again!

Here is their website to plan your next meal in Playa Del Carmen.

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