Zitla in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I found this place ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for Mexican food.

I thought I’d give it a try since the restaurant is off the beaten path of 5th Avenue and away from the main touristy areas. This place is definitely touristy, and I can see why it would be ranked higher on TripAdvisor. 

This is a good place if you’re looking for something outdoors and to watch a game – they have a lot of TV’s. And their ‘bar-type’ menu of Tex-Mex choices is perfect for game foods.

I started off with the Nachos del Barrio. While I had asked for Beef, it came out with Chicken. And since I never send food back – I just went with it.

I couldn’t finish this whole plate of nachos – definitely big enough to share with others. 

And I really wanted to try some of their tacos, so ordered 3 different ones:

Taco Gober – Good, but too mayonnaise-y for my taste

Tuna Tostada – Ok. Tuna was not very fresh, compared to my sushi the night before.

Taco de Camarón – Very Good. Breading was not too heavy on this shrimp taco, and combination of ingredients complemented each taste.

Zitla Mexican Restaurant Menu – Playa Del Carmen (pg1)

Zitla Mexican Restaurant Menu – Playa Del Carmen (pg2)

Overall, this place is not bad, but not great enough to return multiple times on the same trip. I would say it’s a very good spot to watch a game outside and enjoy good ‘bar food’ here. However, I do not believe it justifies the high ranking it has on TripAdvisor. There are many other great places in Playa Del Carmen I would rank higher than this meal.

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