Lufthansa (LH 431) 747-800 Business Class ORD-FRA (Covid era-Aug 2021 flight)

This was a standard Lufthansa business class flight from Chicago to Frankfurt with just a few changes with Covid.

There was no pre-departure beverage, and the entire meal was served on one tray, along with wearing a mask during these long flights.

I was very excited to be flying the 747-8 Upper Deck again, as these planes are getting phased out quicker post-Covid. Flying the upper deck is as close to a private jet experience without the private jet pricing.

A private jet experience without the private jet pricing!

Here is Lufthansa’s business class seat on the upper deck 747-8. The downside to these seats is when you are travelling by yourself, the foot space is next to your neighbor.

These are not the best business seats on the market, however I do like the 747-8 window seat because you get access to the large bin on the window to store your stuff without having to get out of your seat. And you also have extended counter space that an aisle seat does not give you. 

So even though I was travelling alone, I recommend booking the window seat on LH biz class on the 747-8 upper deck.

Always try for the window seat on the 747-8 upper deck.

Lufthansa had their very basic business class amenity kit at each seat upon boarding, along with what is now (I guess) the pre-departure snack (??) – an apple cookie.

Lufthansa’s basic business class amenity set, and an apple cookie to boot.

Lufthansa has reinstituted a full meal service in business class (as of Aug 2021). There was no per-course service. They bring everything you order on one tray…so there’s that. But at least it is not a box meal like other airlines continue to do.

Here is a picture of the full meal service on my flight. I ordered the Spicy Grilled Shrimp and Goat Cheese appetizers, along with the Veal Medallions for main course:

Full meal service, served all at once.

Here is the complete menu for this flight:

Overall, a solid business class trip on Lufthansa. Use of real glass, plates and silverware were present, which is great to see and for Lufthansa to stay competitive in business versus others who are still blaming the pandemic as a reason to be cheap.

I love that Lufthansa serves espresso on their fights. I am always surprised by most other airlines flying to Europe this is not offered too in business class. And I will always love flying the upper deck of a 747 – even if the seats are a bit outdated. 🙂

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