CLASSIFIED – United’s invite-only restaurant at EWR review

I received an email a few days before informing me that I had been invited and to request a reservation. The restaurant was empty, so not sure a reservation is really needed other than for the hostess standing in the front with an iPad to identify that I should be allowed into the secret backContinue reading “CLASSIFIED – United’s invite-only restaurant at EWR review”

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden – Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a town full of top restaurants and places to get drinks and new to the strip at Ceasar’s Palace is the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. The menu boasts an extensive list of carefully crafted cocktails and bites from the kitchen. We tried the Matcha Matcha Man and we have to say it isContinue reading “Vanderpump Cocktail Garden – Las Vegas”

Destination: Desserts

Attention sweet lovers everywhere! Never fear because we’ve officially compiled a list of the best dessert places all across the nation. From LA to NY, you’ll never be without a sweet treat. These bakeries, food trucks, and creameries will leave your mouth watering and your sweets craving satisfied. Austin, TX – Gourdough’s Donuts: This donutContinue reading “Destination: Desserts”

Kinder Chocolate

  There’s nothing better than bringing back something sweet from a visit to Germany. Our personal favorite – Kinder! In 2018 the brand celebrated 50 years of uncountable joyful moments with its consumers. The chocolate coating is a milky, silky, smooth filling that melts in your mouth and embraces your taste buds. Next time you see itContinue reading “Kinder Chocolate”